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About the service

At Burgower Law LLP., we are relentless in making sure child custody agreements and support are in your child's best interest. 

Child custody disputes can be resolved in many different ways. In some cases, mediated Settlement agreements (MSA) can be custom crafted and can be inclusive of both parties to fit the needs of your families new reality. In contested custody cases, courts must intervene and hand down judgements which can include standard possession orders. 

Often times, temporary orders must be put into place while your case is being litigated. We fight to make sure you and your child or children are effectively represented during temporary order and final hearings. Our attorneys are known dominate in the courtroom. This is where experience counts and where trust is earned.

From the moment our attorneys are retained, be rest assured that your child or children's best interest are at the forefront.

Understanding and Addressing Your Family's Needs

Our attorneys will help you establish a custody arrangement that best serves your children's emotional and physical well-being, as well as a child support payment plan that adequately accounts for their on-going care. Our firm will also help you determine what is best for your family, including a careful assessment of the key differences between physical custody and legal custody as well as sole and shared custody. Please note that no matter how contentious the underlying divorce may be, it is often in the best interests of children to have both parents remain a consistent presence in their lives.

Deciding on the future

Our team will also help you consider the long-term and often intangible needs of your children, including financial responsibilities regarding child care, health insurance, medical expenses, and tuition, among others. When family circumstances change, or need changing, we can assist with modifications and enforcements of custody and support orders.