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"No Fault" Divorce, No More?

Time to Take Action

It is my hope that a family can always stay together, but we all know that is not always possible. Sometimes a couple really needs to separate and then divorce. The divorce process is hardly “fun”, and it usually involves a lot of stress and pain. Most of us would like the details of our divorce to remain private. We really do not believe that our personal business should be open for others to read, to judge and to comment. 

The ability to keep our divorce private is currently jeopardized by a new filing in the Texas Legislature! House Bill 93 was filed by Representative Matt Krause from Ft. Worth. You can find the bill information by following this link: http://www.legis.state.tx./BillLookup/History.aspx?Leg.Sess=85R=Bill=HB93

This bill, if passed this session, will eliminate what is known as “no fault” divorce. You will no longer be able to simply ask for a divorce due to a conflict of personalities that renders the marriage relationship unsustainable. Many of my clients will be devastated when this happens. They will be forced to make allegations and prove adultery or family violence if they want to get a divorce. Children will no longer be protected as to “why” their parents may have split up, and the filings of adultery will be public.

This bill may have been filed with the best intentions, but Rep. Krause does not understand that citizens do not need the government to interfere with their personal decision to divorce. It will also force many women or men to make allegations that will be hurtful to the relationships between their children and the estranged spouse.

Divorce will also be more expensive, as your attorney will be forced to show the Court evidence that will prove adultery. We all know that proving an affair is not always that easy. The expense of hiring investigators and surveillance would be an additional hardship on many litigants

You can and should let your representative know your opposition to this new bill! Contact your representative and tell him how you feel! You can find your representative by going to

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