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BRANGELINA'S DIVORCE- Why "Adultery" Findings Are Rare.

Angelina and Brad are filing for divorce! Are we surprised? Page 6 reported Brad was “caught” cheating with the leading lady in his newest film, which has now denied any infidelity. Wait a minute, didn’t that happen already? Brangelina is “done”. Should she be surprised?  Is it Brad’s fault? Does it matter?

Cheating is still one of the primary reasons that couples get divorced. Yet, in Texas, a finding of adultery as a grounds for divorce is rare. Even when a spouse leaves to move in with someone else, the “grounds” of divorce in the final papers rarely state “adultery”.

In Texas, divorce filings are public. Many of the filings are filled with allegations of adultery, cruel treatment, spousal fraud and other “bad” acts. But does it matter?

Under our community property laws, husbands and wives own their property equally, however, a judge has the discretion to divide them in a disproportionate matter. This is where “fault” and “cheating” may impact a case in Texas.  

The Brangelina case involves two people who each make a great amount of money. Absent a premarital agreement, the estate will be large, as both Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie make millions. Any alleged cheating should impact the division, but with these numbers, I doubt the case will not be resolved.

The star couple have children and hopefully, the details of their marital split will be private. All divorce is hard on kids. We believe that every divorce involving children needs our thoughtful advice. We remind our clients that spouses can divorce each other as husband and wife, but there is no divorce between parent and child!

The romance between Brad and Angelina started when Brad was filming the movie, Mr. and Mrs. Smith with Angelina. Brad was married to another actress, Jennifer Anniston, at that time. One might remind Angelina that a Man she “stole” – can clearly be “stolen”!

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