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Divorce and Property Settlement

We provide divorce services for all couples. We can help you with division of marital assets, large and complex marital estates business valuation, investment and retirement accounts, community and separate property, stock options, and vacation homes.

Modifications, Enforcements, Prenups

Child custody modifications due to relocation, child support enforcement, prenuptial and premarital agreements, parenting time and visitation modification, modifications to increase and reduce child support.

Child Custody and Support

Legal, physical, sole, and shared custody; child support payments, visitation schedules, decision-making responsibilities and financial obligations regarding health insurance, education/tuition, and medical expenses and parenting time.


We are trained family law mediators who take the mediation process very seriously and place great belief in its effectiveness.

Did you know?

  • In-Depth Consultations

    From the moment you meet with our team, we get to know you, your situation and ultimate goal. We treat you like family and work your case with the utmost sensitivity.

  • Serving Harris and Fort Bend Counties

    Our legal experts have served Houston's most densely populated counties for decades. Feel rest assured, your case is in good hands in your respective family court.

  • Always Professional

    Your case is always our priority. Our attorneys manage case loads to ensure quality of service. It's what we're known for.

  • Transparent Billing

    At Burgower Law LLP, we provide you with timely itemized billing so you know what you are paying at all times. Our attorneys and paralegals are committed to efficiency so your money gets results.

  • Available Mon - Fri: 9:00AM - 5:00PM

    We're always just a phone call away. We understand legal issues can be complex. That's why we are always here to give you updates on your case and explain what's next.

  • Available on E-Mail

    Anywhere in the world you may be, we can be reached. We are dedicated to returning your emails in a timely manner.

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With a careful eye toward quality of service over quantity of cases, we carefully manage our caseload to provide timely feedback and clear, consistent communication to our clients at all times. We feel that this approach, coupled with our policy of granting clients direct and open access to our services throughout the duration of their case, grants them peace of mind during otherwise difficult and turbulent times. As your determined legal advocates, we will instill in you a high level of confidence in the direction of your family law case.